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Welcome to the website of the Anglo-Somali Society, the longest standing British-Somali friendship society.
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About the Society:

The Anglo-Somali Society is a non profit-making international friendship society whose objective is to foster friendship and understanding between Somalis and the
English-speaking world, and to develop cultural and social relations between them.

The Society is non-political and does not identify with any particular group of Somalis. Individual members, however, are naturally interested in all aspects of, for example, politics, economic development, social and women's issues, education, history, anthropology, literature, and culture, in the Horn of Africa,
as well as the current problems facing Somali refugees throughout the diaspora. Although the Society is not a pressure group its members wish for the peaceful
coexistence of all Somalis and their English-speaking friends. As individuals, members may press for Somali interests wherever and whenever possible.  The
Society endeavours to establish and maintain links with Somali Community Associations. It is administered according to its Constitution by an elected Council.

Circumstances have changed radically over the last 40 years. The Society was founded in 1962 to promote good relations between the UK and the Somali Republic.
It also served as a forum where those who worked in the former British Somaliland Protectorate and (ex-Italian) Somalia were able to remain in touch with each other
and with their Somali friends. Valued colleagues of that older generation are still members. More recent members have an extremely varied range of interests in the
Horn and the Somali diaspora. They live mainly throughout the UK, with a concentration in the South East. The largest group outside the U.K. are Americans. A few members
live on mainland Europe as well as in eastern Africa and the Middle East. Some England-based NGOs, including aid agencies, are corporate members.

Society Appeals and Donations:

The Society has neither the financial resources nor the manpower to act as a funding body. However, the following charitable donations were made by collecting money from
members and by using the historical portion of the Society’s reserves known as the Relief Fund. This Fund is now depleted and there are no plans to make further donations
in the immediate future.

When deciding which organisations to support the Society’s Council was guided by the need to show favour to a variety of geographical locations throughout the Horn. For
practical reasons some areas have been easier to support than others.

2012   £751 to Galkayo Mental Health Initiative Appeal

2011    £2,841 to Alfardus Relief Organisation (AFRO) for famine relief in Somalia.

2010    £1,500 to the Hargeisa School for the Deaf

2008    £880 to Dr. Hawa Abdi Hospital, Mogadishu.
        £300 to the Borama (Storm) Disaster Appeal initiated by the Henley-Borama Friendship Association.

2007    £800 to John Kelly Technology College in the UK as a contribution towards cost of transporting general equipment (including photocopiers) from the UK to the 26
June School, Hargeisa and the Berbera College of Fisheries and Marine Studies.

2006    £1,624 to Pastoral Concern Association Ethiopia (PCAE), in the Somali Region of Ethiopia, for the purchase of water pumps to alleviate the effects of drought.

2005    £1,697 through ActionAid to tsunami victims in Puntland (Somalia).
£500 to furnish library of the Omar Samatar Secondary School in Galkaio, Puntland.

2004    £40 to Hargeisa Hospital, Somaliland.

2003    £1,000 for the rehabilitation of the paediatric ward of Hargeisa Hospital.