Anglo-Somali Society
Welcome to the website of the Anglo-Somali Society, the longest standing British-Somali friendship society.
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Membership fees for the Society are as follow:


Personal membership (UK resident by cheque, cash, postal order)             £13

Personal membership (Using UK Banker’s Order)                            £11

Personal refugee, unwaged, student (UK by cheque, cash, postal order)       £8

Personal refugee, unwaged, student (UK  Banker’s Order)               £7

Personal membership (Resident in North America)                                     $27

Personal membership (Resident in mainland Europe)                                 £13

Personal membership (Resident in rest of the World)                                 £15

Corporate membership                                                                             £30

If you wish to apply for membership, please DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE and send to the appropriate address as follows:

If you live in North America

please send a check on a US bank account, or a postal money order, for US

$27.00, payable to BARBARA RATCLIFF, (not the Society) or (only if necessary) dollar cash, to

Barbara Ratcliff (USA Membership Agent) 8545 Burke Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

If you live elsewhere

please send a cheque or postal order (in £/pounds, payable to ANGLO - SOMALI SOCIETY ) to

David Brooks  (Membership Secretary)
67 Mill End Road,   Cambridge 
CB1  9JW,   UK.